Aoking Latest Design Environmentally Friendly Material Raincoat Exchange Bag ZN3009

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※High temperature resistance and antioxidant performance
  Generally, plastic raw materials are prone to oxidation in environments above 70 ℃ for a long time, and TPU has good antioxidant capacity; Generally speaking, the temperature resistance of TPU can reach 120 ℃, and TPU has very good low-temperature resistance, usually reaching -50 ℃

※Environmentally friendly and fashionable
  TPU has excellent biocompatibility, non toxicity, no allergic reactions, no local irritation, no heat generation, and is resistant to oil, water, and mold.Good recyclability

※Latest Fashion Design
1. Raincoat, backpack, and chest bag in one
2. The zippered pocket on the back of the raincoat allows for folding and storage of the raincoat
3. Open the backpack and flip the lower bag to convert it into a chest bag
4. The front pocket of the chest bag can be opened to flip the raincoat out


Model: ZN3009

Dimensions: 7.1''x4.7''x11.8''(12.6''x7.9''17.7'')

Weight: 0.65

Color: Grey

Note: Because it’s manual measurement,there will be some inevitably deviations.



颜色: Grey