The Large Capacity Anti Theft Office Backpack for Working Professionals

The Large Capacity Anti Theft Office Backpack for Working Professionals

Modern office workers need to commute every day along with the laptop, glasses case, umbrella, charger, USB cable, key, mobile phone, notebook, tissue... For many people, shoulder bags don't satisfy your daily needs no longer. You may wonder how big should a shoulder bag be to put in all of these items? We can't bear the insecurity if we go out without a full-featured office backpack to stuff our daily items.

So, here comes the question: how to choose a durable backpack among a variety of backpack manufacturers in the market? Established in 1985, AOKING GROUP is a diversified enterprise that integrates with designing, researching & developing, manufacturing, export trading, e-commerce and operation. The products include business bags, casual backpacks, school bags, camping bags, and luggage, etc. Now, we are going to introduce a practical Aoking backpack for working professionals. It is not only big enough to pack but also durable and fashionable compared to the other common bag.


Unique design

When you see it at first sight, you would be surprised by its unique appearance. The classic black color is so sensational. Besides,the design displays simple aesthetics without any cumbersome. Thus, it is perfect for daily work and commute, showing full of business temperament. What's more, this AOKING office backpack features SBS's durable metal zippers for enhancing black matte texture and a reversed zipper for adding airtightness and aesthetics.


Large capacity

Most backpacks on the market are beautiful but not practical, or vice versa.This kind of AOKING's office backpack is an exception that strikes a balance between appearance and practicality. People love it not only because of its "simple design", but its practicality. When opening the bag, you will find that its capacity is enormous. It fits for the maximum laptop 15.6", which meets the needs of most people, especially the programmers. Furthermore, there are also a few apparent compartments inside, which can pack all you want, and things will not be messy. Different things can be classified and stored because of its large capacity, saving you a lot of time.

You can find everything you need whenever you need a charge pal, a coat to warm yourselves, a document to present, a console game to kill time and a laptop to have an urgent appointment. What else can give you such a sense of security?


Greater security

When you are going out, your biggest concern is just security. As for safety, there is a unique travel anti-theft pocket designed for this office backpack. The hidden performance is so good that the thief is hard to notice it. There is no risk of losing essential documents and wallet.

Better comfort

The shoulder strap is a vital part of backpacks. If the strap's width and thickness are unmatched with the bearing capacity of the backpack, it is easy to cause soreness in your shoulder and back, as well as other unpleasant experience.
The shoulder strap of this professional backpack is broad and thick. It is nylon fabric with high-density weave, which makes the shoulder strap firm and incomparable. Moreover, it can withstand more pressure than the ordinary cotton belt. When carrying up, you can feel the existence of the backpack and stuff in it but it's hard to sense their actual weight. It's incredible to relieve the pressure on your shoulders.

The width and thickness of the shoulder strap are in perfect design, which can better reduce the burden and the pressure on your shoulder and neck. After carrying for a long time, you will not feel pain in your shoulder, which is much more comfortable than the thin and hard shoulder straps of the general backpack. What's more, a back tie strap is specially designed on the back, which can be fixed on the lever of the trolley case. However, it doesn't cause any feeling in your back in daily uses. When you need to use it with your suitcase, you will find this design makes your traveling more convenient.

All these small details speak for AOKING backpack's growing popularity. AOKING does not design a backpack only for selling it to end-users, but solves the problems and troubles of the backpackers indeed. It is an ideal pick for most working professionals.

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