The Reason Why Commuting Backpacks Become More and More Popular

The Reason Why Commuting Backpacks Become More and More Popular
Speaking of the commuting backpack, you probably gain a first impression that the students of early and high school carried all kinds of schoolbags on campus. In recent years, however, the commuting backpack is quietly becoming a fashionable product for people to improve the self-image.


Data from the fashion searching engine Lyst show that the search volume of commuting backpacks increased by 37% year-on-year. According to market research firm Euromonitor, U.K. 'consumers' spending on commuting backpacks has increased year by year since 2014, almost doubling from 112 million pounds in 2014 to 219 million pounds in 2019.

The reason why sales of commuting backpacks have increased substantially is that commuting backpacks have been evolving over the past few decades. Now it is no longer a functional product but has more awesome features for consumers to explore.
Outdoor brand Gerry Outdoors launched its first zippered commuting backpack in 1938, and since then, it has become a must-have product for outdoor sports such as mountain climbing and camping. Over the next 30 years, many students used canvas or leather commuting backpacks or briefcases as school equipment. It wasn't until the 1970s when Jan Sport, an American brand, introduced nylon commuting backpacks that lightweight, large-capacity commuting backpacks gradually became the best partner for students.

In recent years, American brand Eastpak, Swedish outdoor brand, and Canadian backpack brand Herschel's commuting backpacks have become the hearts of young people across the globe. An expert in office backpacks told that consumers' attitudes towards commuting backpacks had changed dramatically in recent years.
One of the essential reasons for the change in consumers' attitudes is the popularity of leisure sports in recent years. NPD Group's survey results in 2018 show that sportswear accounts for 24% of U.S. clothing sales. Although U.S. sportswear sales fell by 1% in the first quarter of 2019 compared with the same period last year, it has a distinct advantage over the 12% decline in fashion shoe sales.
More and more people wear leisure clothes on more occasions. While commuting backpacks are practical, they seem to become fashionable. "Outdoor clothing as a whole is becoming more fashionable".
And the target consumer groups of commuting backpacks are also quietly changing. More and more female consumers like to buy commuting backpacks. For example, female consumers contribute 60% of the sales of the British online commuting backpack, and this proportion is still rising. Sales of women's commuting backpacks jumped 28% in the U.S. market last year, while sales of men's commuting backpacks fell, according to market research firm NPD Group.
The rise of ladies' commuting backpacks has much to do with the active launch of commuting backpacks by many luxury brands. In the past few years, riveted commuting backpacks of MCM have been welcomed by many young consumers along with the popularity of Korean style. Luxury brands such as Gucci, LV, Prada, and Coach have launched commuting backpacks in recent years, which has changed consumers' impression of commuting backpacks. These commuting backpacks have a more design-conscious layout and pattern and are becoming smaller and smaller with the trend of mini bags.

Compared with other handbags, commuting backpacks are functional and well-designed, which is probably the reason why they are more and more popular with consumers.


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